Property Management
Homefinder Realty, LLC, License # 35074

1. The owner of the rental property signs a Management Contract with Homefinder Realty, LLC. A walk-through of the property is conducted to see if it is in “rent ready” condition. Any repairs or cleaning needs to be accomplished before the home is marketed.

2. Homefinder Realty, LLC, charges 10 percent of the monthly rent as a management fee.

3. A one-time finders fee is charged the owner when the home is rented. This charge is one-half of the month’s rent. This fee can only be charged once in a 12 month period.

4. $200.00 of the owner’s money is deposited in the company’s realty escrow account for repairs. Any repairs over $200.00 must be approved by the owner.

5. The company advertises vacant rentals on their web site (, Middle Georgia Multiple Listing Service, Craig’s List and

6. The company screens all new applicants. They are required to fill out a comprehensive application. The company checks the credit report, magistrates court for former evictions, and former rental locations for payment history.

7. The owner is kept apprised of all activity on their rental property. The monthly rental check is either mailed to the owner or deposited in a local bank. All repairs for the month are deducted from this amount. Copies of all repair bills are sent each month. An IRS Form 1099 for rental income for the year is mailed along with the yearly activity report in January.

8. A security deposit equal to the month’s rent is collected from the tenant and deposited in the company’s rental escrow account. This is the tenant’s money, but if they caused damage to the home during their stay, the cost to repair these damages may be deducted from the security deposit.

9. If a tenant has a pet, a $300.00 non-refundable pet fee must be paid by the tenant. This money is deposited in the company’s realty escrow account and will be used to repair any damage done by the pet to include fogging for fleas when the tenant leaves.

10. The company prepares all paperwork for an eviction (if one becomes necessary) and submits to the Magistrates Court. The present charge by the Magistrates Court for an eviction is $129.00 for a single tenant. The owner is responsible for this fee.

11. The company maintains a vacant rental property until a new tenant is found. Frequent visits to the home are accomplished. The lawn is mowed at the owner’s expense. The electricity is kept on when the weather dictates. This is also an owner’s expense.

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